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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Increasing Traffic by using Video

The popularity of viral marketing has soared dramatically since the first signs of this popular online marketing technique back in the late nineties. You may think what has a virus got to do with marketing? Well a virus is not just an undesirable parasite that everyone tries to avoid it is an entity that multiplies rapidly and grabs everyone in its path. Viral marketing and viral advertising describes a strategy that uses people to pass on marketing messages in varying forms much like a controversial pyramid scheme which like a virus it uses strength in numbers to make itself known.

The use of online videos is one online marketing technique that falls under the viral banner, from creating a short and snappy online video about your company to creating a funny and entertaining video as long as its online it can go viral.

The key to making a success of a viral marketing campaign is to get as many people as possible to watch your online video. There are various techniques for increasing traffic to your video the first and in my opinion the most important is utilising social sites.

Submitting your video to online video directories such as YouTube and Search For Video amongst others will allow it to be viewed by millions. Submit your video to as many directories as possible in order to maximise your audience potential. Ensure you have also provided information about your company or a link to your website otherwise your video will be great entertainment but offer no benefit to your company.

Social networking sites such as Facebook allow you to create and join groups that you are interested in, once you are member you can suggest the group to your friends and they then suggest it to theirs much like the aforementioned pyramid scheme. For this reason add your videos to social networking sites and suggest as many ‘fans’ as possible.

Another way of increasing traffic to your online videos in adding a link to your video on all of your outgoing email messages, the law of averages suggests if you are exposing as many people as possible to your video the likelihood of people watching it and proceeding to your website will increase.

Employing viral and social media optimisation techniques can be extremely rewarding when done well and in some instances when not auctioned correctly can offer no benefit at all.

SEO Junkies are experts in online marketing whether it be social media optimisation or search engine optimisation we have many years experience, we know what we are doing and we do it well. Take a look at our website or contact your own SEO Junkie for more information today.

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Diane Forster
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Network Marketing Software said...
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Glenn Williamson said...
Very responsive and really improved my search engine results

Glenn Williamson

I’m not normally a big fan of writing reviews on these review sites but after working with SEO Junkies for the past 5 months I thought their good work warranted a bit of recognition. My website has been up and running for over 5 years now and I like the look and feel of the site but the amount of traffic to the site was extremely low and the conversions were non-existent. I hadn’t really heard about search engine optimisation before I went to an Internet Marketing show in London but their extremely helpful team explained everything and gave me confidence in their abilities. On this basis I decided to give it a shot for 6 months and see if the results and improved, along with the number of sales.
After only 3 months I saw a substantial increase in the search rankings on the main phrases that I wanted to appear for, and in turn, greatly improved the traffic to the site. Their account management team are extremely responsive to my questions and queries and the monthly reports really help me monitor the progress of the campaign.
Overall, I’m a happy client and I always believe that if something is going well then it deserves to be shouted about. So far so good SEO Junkies.
This article is very interesting.Thanks for the sharing
Diane Forster said...
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