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You wrote the code, now how do you sell it?

Monday, May 14, 2012

BitsDuJour 100% Off Promotions

BitsDuJour is known for it's 50% to 90% off exclusive software discounts, we have lots of vendor information on all that if you're interested. But what about discounting your software 100%? Well we've constructed a way to actually make it profitable.

The concept is simple. You provide us with a list of registration codes, we hand them out to our customers - free of charge - for a 24 hour period. In return you get the email address of the customer. Add them to your list, offer them upgrades, cross-grades, and whatever else you've got to sell. It's that simple.

Check out this short clickthrough, it'll show you exactly what to expect...

No, neither of us make any money up front. But we went ahead and did the math for ourselves. Our conclusions? Sacrificing one of our promotional slots for an influx of new customers is absolutely worth it. And we think it will be for you, too. We've already done some testing and found that quadruple-digit registrations are a reasonable expectation. That's potentially thousands of pinpoint-targeted customers. Not to mention a whole bunch of free PR!

Interested in participating? Sign Up and we'll get you on the 100% schedule as soon as possible. Setup is quick and easy, and comes with the same professional attitude, whiz-bang copywriting services, and attentive comment moderation that you've come to expect from Bits. That part is on us :)
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