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You wrote the code, now how do you sell it?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Why is Video Marketing so Highly Recommended?

Video marketing is considered to be one of the exceedingly clever ways to capture the attention of the potential customers. Like a blockbuster movie, if the video has an explosive start as well an explosive finish, it will undoubtedly leave a greater impact on the minds of the visitor. And of course, it brings to the table, the most fascinating aspect of TV advertising and Internet’s most praiseworthy characteristic, interactivity.

If the internet surfer finds the ad really attractive then there is a high probability that he/she will be very much drawn to the offers that you are putting across. In fact, in the recent years, online video marketing has emerged to be the most cost-efficient technique as compared to regular TV ads, given its production cost and market penetration.

On-line Video Marketing - A Definition

On-line video-marketing is a progressive marketing strategy employed by companies to advertise products and services, by use of catchy, short videos. The objective is to create awareness about a particular product and thereby allure clients into buying them. Did someone say picture speaks a thousand words?

Exclusivity of Online Video Marketing

Since the advent of TV and PC, reading has become a passé en masse. Since information is delivered at a faster rate through images rather than through text, it is natural for people to lunge for the best and smartest means of marketing communication that is video marketing.

The biggest advantage of Internet Marketing videos is that they can put the point across to the prospective customers’ much faster vis-√†-vis the traditional text format. This will save the web users from the grueling ritual of going through the whole text, in an attempt to cull out the imperative details. On the other hand, videos will help deliver the same message in half the time.
When to Use Video

Video marketing plays a prominent role especially when a company aspires to promote its products. This helps in getting touch with the customers faster than the visual advertising screened by televisions. And with large number of people turning to internet for information, internet marketing videos are playing a gratifying role in satisfying the appetite of web users need for something new, useful and exciting

Benefits of Video Advertising

If you intend to use video in your marketing campaigns, then it’s a real good idea, since it manages to leave a lasting impression on the clients as compared to other types of advertising. It attracts the web users easily and delivers the message at a lightening speed than simple text messages.

A video displays product’s use and usability. Moreover, the presence of human face and a pleasant voice will both add to its selling quotient. By using this technique, the prospective customer can easily relate to the company and the product as well.

A Few guidelines

Well, just making a video and enlisting it in a video directory won’t take you places. You need to go the Search Engine Optimization way, if you wish to turn the tables in your favour. Remember, videos are sort of big fishes for the search engines, so take your time and make a video that is sheer search-engine friendly.

Modern technology provides you with various opportunities to track traffic and analyze results. So spend some time to study the success rate of the videos, whether it is being instrumental in boosting profits of your prospects. Also, look for tools that will help you identify the time the prospect has been playing your video before tuning it off. How many prospects get drawn to your site after watching your video, posted on a different site? Now how many visitors can be converted into customers and so on.

While making the video, in addition to the visuals, the content aspect should also be given due importance. Providing in-depth information via content is as important as the visuals to attract visitors to your products/services.

Experts suggest of using videos on the first page. It’s like a business card. Tucking your video away in some corner of your website will not help your cause. Make it noticeable. Also, give your visitors the scope to skip your video. May be there’re not in mood to view it, and the last thing you want is an upset visitor.

Optimizing Videos for Search Engines

* Optimize, both for video search engines, and content search engines. The best approach being to use meta tags for the content (text) of the page where your video is placed.

* Names of the videos should be relevant. Giving an out-of the-box name, which is not related to the video, will not help in SERPs.

* Utilize keywords both in the video titles and their descriptions as this will help video search engines index your video files and link it to your web pages.

* If you are link video from other pages of your Web site, then use anchor text.

* Ensure the video files that are been submitted have a proper extension.

* Keep it short. If you can, just take 2 minutes to inform.

* SEO professionals suggest making individual video site maps, which can be submitted to both video and content search engines. Both SEs will index these site maps.

* Incorporate RSS feeds. Metadata can be incorporated here.

* Research, test, measure, report and optimize.

Endorsing your Video

• The best way to popularize your on-line marketing video is through “submitting”. The prominent video hosting sites include, YouTube, Yahoo Videos or Google Videos. The biggest advantage being that your videos will be hosted for free and they won’t take up any of your site’s bandwidth.

• Keep circulating your videos. If you want to climb up in popularity rankings, then let users link to your videos. Viral marketing video is the best means to make companies and their product and services known across Internet users.

• Add phrases like "Tell a friend" or "Visit our Web site" at the end of the video.


To sum it up, use online marketing video in addition to traditional TV ad campaign. Both online and broadcast should endorse one another. For one, on-line marketing videos help in information sharing, more accurately and efficiently. In addition, videos can be the single-most differentiating factor between yours and your competitors business.

The internet marketing video should be short, so that web users don’t get bored and feel enthused of what they saw. And remember, the video ads should be significantly shorter than TV ads.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Building Customer Loyalty Through Meaningful Version Updates

When it comes to releasing an updated version of your software application, it's not enough to just concentrate on fixing bugs - you've got to strive to continually add value to your product with each release. Depending on your application's audience, every day can bring several competing software packages from developers that have had the time to inspect your application, mimic its useful features, and add useful functionality that it doesn't offer.

In order to stay competitive and build customer loyalty and market share, you need to issue periodic updates to your software that address two areas. First, of course, you need to resolve any bugs that may have been discovered since the last release - nothing slows an application's momentum than bugs that continue to thrive even after the developer has been made aware of them. But, just as importantly, you must also deliver new features that build on the strength of your application and make it even better.

Your goal should be to generate as much positive buzz for your new version as your original application did when it was first released. Think about how Apple does this with its music players - even though the first generation of iPods can play music just as well as the new ones, there remains a rabid hunger for new iPod hardware because Apple is committed to continually improving its user experience.

Constant improvement doesn't necessarily mean 24 hour brainstorming sessions, although that wouldn't hurt. Sometimes, all it takes to develop a substantive, meaningful software update is the willingness to listen to feedback from your existing customer base and incorporate the most desired functionality into the next version update. You may even be surprised when your users suggest features that you hadn't even thought of before!

When you do release your next software version, encourage your users to comment on the new features. In fact, you may want to recruit a trusted group of users to beta-test your new version before it's released. Take the time to document the changes in your release notes, starting with the bugs that have been worked out, and continuing with the new features (making sure, of course, to include the most requested new functionality at the top of your list).

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