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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The All-New Software Marketing Resource Website

Software Marketing Resource is a revolutionary web community designed to serve the changing needs of independent software vendors (ISV’s) worldwide.

We're very happy to announce the re-release of the website, which has been brought fully up to date. Software Marketing Resource is for anyone that writes, develops, or distributes software. To this end, Software Marketing Resource offers a wealth of forums, articles, resources, and targeted services that’ll provide the tools to market software like the big boys, on a limited or even non-existent budget.

If you’re a software marketer, marketing copywriter, eCommerce provider, SEO service provider, or at all count ISV’s among your target customer base, you’ll find numerous opportunities to connect with potential clients and spread the word about your particular product or service. Software Marketing Resource is about making connections, making information more accessible, and unifying the software marketing landscape.


The resources segment of SMR represents a dynamic, user-moderated collection of links touching on nearly every corner of the software marketing universe. From CD replication to Software Sites, Press Releases to Search Engine Strategies, Beta Testing to Distribution Outlets, SMR’s resources provide a centralized amassment of browsable marketing information.

But browsing is only the beginning. Registered SMR users can submit their own resources for listing, comment on a particular resource, and vote on each resources’s relative quality, nudging it up or down the list. SMR Resources are the most comprehensive and user friendly on the web. They’re targeted, dynamic, functional, and most importantly -- community-driven!


Software Marketing Resource offers a number of premium services for ISV’s looking to connect with potential partners, develop marketing strategies, and subcontract or outsource various marketing tasks.

These services include our daily deals promotions that you can find on, allowing you to ratchet up your sales and product visibility by running a 24-hour discount promotion.

If you're the type of coder who wants to leave the marketing to us, then take a look at our Developer Partner Program, where you write the code and we handle everything else, hosting your product on and doing all the sales, customer service and marketing.

But that's not all, we also offer affiliate programs in our daily deals system. If you run a download site then you can easily host our deals on your website, fully integrated so you'll see extra sales and never loose a visitor.

As SMR grows, so will the scale and breadth of our partnerships and available services. If you offer a service that could be of interest to our customer base, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your proposal.


Questions about how to market software? Where better to find the answer than a forum dedicated to the topic? After all, the best answers almost always come from those that’ve “been there and done that!” But that’s not all. Drop by the newly re-opened SMR forums and you'll be able to talk with industry professionals from around the globe.

SMR Forums: A great place to network, find answers, share opinions, or just hang out and chat with like minded individuals.


Via the SMR articles center we publish a steady stream of original content directly related to software marketing, software distribution, and everything in between. Solicited and edited by the SMR editorial staff, these articles -- written by industry experts, insiders, and professionals -- offer a wealth of content specifically tailored for the independent software vendor.

Are you in the industry? Do you know your way around the written word? Contact us, we’d love to discuss publishing your content on SMR!

So stop in, look around, and contribute if you’d like.

After all, it’s free!


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