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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shareware Glossary

ARPANET: An early name for the Internet.
Author: A person who wrote a program (or book).

Bandwidth: The measurement of the amount of data that can be transported in x time.
BBS: An electronic Bulletin Board System that allowed people to post and read information.
Beta: A test release of a program (beta version).
Bug: A problem in program.
Byte: Also known as binary term, a byte is a measure of data storage. 1,048,576 bytes is equal to 1 megabytes and 1,073,741,824 bytes is equal to one gigabyte. That's a lot of bytes!

CD: Also known as compact disk, disks used to store data such as music, or software.
Crack: To get into someone's computer.
Crippleware: Limiting software's functionality as a purchase incentive.

Database: Also known as DB, it is sort of like a file cabinet inside your computer.
Developer: Someone who develops software.
Diskettes: Also known as floppy disk. (see floppy disk)
Disk Vendor: A person who collects trial versions of shareware puts them on a CD and sells them.
Download: A program you can collect off the Internet.
Download site: A website where someone can download software.

Electronic delivery: Delivering solely through the Internet or email.
An electronic mailing system.

Firewall: A wall between your computer and the internet preventing access to your computer.
Freeware: Free software.
Floppy Disk: Also called floppy or diskette a floppy does the same job as a CD, it stores information, however a CD stores way more megabytes.
FTP: File Transfer Protocol.

Gigabyte: Also known as G or GB it is a measure of data storage. It contains 1,073,741,824 bytes, or 1,024 megabytes.

Hacker: Someone who breaks into computer systems and puts in extra data or uses data.
Hardware locking: A registration method locking software to a user's specific company.
HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language.
HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

Internet: A connection of computers and info all over the world.

Megabyte: Also known as M or MB, a megabyte is a measure of data storage. There are 1024 megabytes in a gigabyte and 1,048,576 bytes in a megabyte.
MILNET: An early name for the Internet.

Network: Computers connected together.

Online Fraud: Purchasing with a stolen credit card.
Online ordering: A secure link allowing purchases on the Internet.
Operating System:
An operating system organizes and controls all of the programs you run on your computer.

PC: A Personal computer.
Program: A software application.
Programming language: A language a computer and a human can understand. Some programming languages are binary code, machine code, C, C++, Delphi, GameMaker, and Visual Basic.
Publisher: Someone who distributes software

Registration Company: An online ordering company

Shareware: A kind of marketing method. (see try before you buy)
Software Piracy: Stealing software.
S= =R: S= =R means the Shareware Version must equal the registered version. It was made by the ASP.

Trial ware: Software you can try prior to purchasing.
Try before you buy: A marketing method where a person can use a trial version of the software before buying.

URL: Uniform Resource Locator-web address.
Users: Someone who uses a programmer's software.

Virus: A dangerous computer program that can erase files cause other programs to not function properly, or even open your database to people.

WWW: WWW is World Wide Web abbreviated

Resale Terminology - for purposes of this website the following definitions explain the breakdown of sites we used.


"Store front" or company with retail precense reselling the products to consumer(s)


Reselling the products to consumer


Company selling to resellers or retailers, require more significant discount, capable of large volumes.


Value Added Reseller


End user

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