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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Main Benefits of a Social Media Campaign

Before the social media’s popularity boom, a company which would like to carry out a SEO campaign could be narrowed to the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, which represents the most important tools to look for information, products and services. Nowadays it isn’t enough anymore to keep up with competition on the search engines because social media is becoming too important to be ignored, and companies with a Facebook or a Twitter’s account will achieve better results in terms of traffic and in terms of rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) than others.

Everyday millions of people from all around the world link to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and a lower number of them to other social networks such as Linked In, so it they can manifest the potential of social media for brand awareness and to channel traffic towards your websites. Also if your company has a Facebook or Twitter profile you can use them to promote your offers, promo codes, and special discounts, or simply to provide users with information and news about your products and services.

Social media is also important for SEO almost for two main reasons. Firstly, search engines likes websites which are updated with the latest technologies and which are ready to share information on the World Wide Web. Secondly, search engines and social media have started to cooperate, for example now Google displays users’ tweets in its search results, or Twitter is now a partner of Yahoo in order to create a social channel search engine, or again Bing released a new section “Bing Social” which will show all the information and links posted in Twitter and Facebook related to the entered keywords. These new partnerships trend between search engines and social media is a proof of the growing importance of social networks and at the same time it represents new opportunities for business online. In fact now a company with daily activity on social media sites, through posts and links, will have more possibilities to appear in the search results of the main search engines for its specific keywords, and in turns its visibility will increase and as well as its traffic.

Therefore there are enough reasons to consider Social Media Optimisation as an essential part of your internet marketing strategy, but if you still have doubts, please contact our SEO experts and our friendly guys will be glad to show you all the benefits of a Social Media Campaign!

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