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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Press Packet (Press Kit)

Ideas of what to include in your press kit:

Cover Letter - (really a form letter, but personalized for each editor)

"What you Should Know About My Software"
color printed on letterhead, including newsworthy information on products.

Press Release on letterhead

Screen Shots - color printed on letterhead

Company Profile - Color printed on letterhead

Promotional Item (if available)

The Software (registered version as packaged for customers)

If you're sending your press release to a forgign publication you might want to use these disclaimers:

Please forgive me for sending you this press release in English, but I don't speak or write Italian/French/German/Spanish/Russian/Swedish. Please use English if any reply.

Chiediamo scusa per avervi inviato il nostro comunicato stampa in inglese, ma non conosciamo l'italiano. Per favore usate l'inglese in eventuali comunicazioni.

Ursakta mig for att denna press release skickas pa engelska, men jag kan tyvarr varken tala eller skriva svenska. Vanligen anvand engelska vid eventuella svar, tack.

Pahoittelen että tämä press release on kirjoitettu englannin kielellä, mutta valitettavasti en puhu enkä kirjoita suomea. Käyttäkää mahdollisissa vastauksissa englantia, kiitos.

Désolé de vous adresser ce communiqué de presse en anglais, mais je ne lis ni n'écris le français. Utilisez SVP l'anglais dans votre réponse éventuelle.

Ich bitte um Verständnis dafür, dass ich Ihnen diese Pressemitteilung auf Englisch schicke, aber ich spreche leider kein Deutsch. Bitte antworten Sie mir gegebenenfalls auf Englisch.

Thanks to Dan Veaner of Emmasoft for the above contributions


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