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Sunday, April 2, 2006

PR Tips for Software Vendors

While controversial issues frequently attract attention they can also alienate potential customers. Sometimes it is better to put a positive spin on public relations. A typical press release announces new leadership, products or services, but consider mixing it up a bit. A well written press release can be published increasing brand recognition and exposure. With that in mind, consider distributing press releases for the following:

Trade Show or Organization Participation
A release is appropriate if an organization is participating, presenting or involved in a trade show or exhibit. These types of announcements are often visible in trade magazines with a very focused target audience.

A press release announcing an award nomination, or win legitimizes your product or service as customers see you stand out in the industry.

Studies, Surveys or Research Projects
Not only newsworthy, these things can show how your product helped to unveil new information about the world, or a new way of looking at an issue. Remember that academic writing is different than writing for press releases. Converting the study, survey or project results into layman's terms and keeping it concise will make it easier for the general public to understand and more likely your press release will be picked up.

Is your business approaching its 20 year anniversary? These types of business milestones allow you to profile your accomplishments over the years. A business that's been profitable for twenty years is a sure bet for local newspapers.

Innovative Usage
Profiling a customer who is using your product or service in an innovative or unusual way not only helps educate potential customers about your product or service capabilities but it also generates good will with customers who will generally appreciate the additional exposure.

Educational Opportunities
Educational opportunities the business has participated in demonstrate your desire to constantly improve the business. Examples would be presenting at a user group or conference explaining a new technology or attending seminars or classes that will increase the businesses capabilities.

Website Launch
While this may seem commonplace in our internet-savvy world, you can still make your website launch stand out. Center your release on the features of your website such as your online shopping experience, unique products and services, or anything that makes your site notable.

New Product or Service
This type of press release can be especially effective when geared toward an audience that has had a positive experience with your other products. Be specific; include examples of how your new product or service will help the customer. This can also include enhancements to products or services.

Unusual Products or Services
When you have something unusual about your product or service, this can be newsworthy. Focus on why your product is unusual, and what makes it unique. You may think of several angles that are valuable from a publicity point of view.

Receiving funding for new products or services is exciting news for those receiving the sponsorship. To make it exciting for the public as well, be specific about what is being funded and why. Going a little further to explain why the sponsor chose to back your product or service gives credibility to your new undertaking.
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