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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Grand Rapids Schmooze Overview

I got to the Governor's Suite at the Grand Rapids Airport Hilton at 3pm on Thursday with food and drinks. I ran into the ASP Treasurer, Fred Clabuesch, in the hall way on my way to pick up place settings for the early arrivals. At 4 pm I met Matt Dyer of the Game Designers Group. Jay Semerad, from the South Michigan chapter of the International Game Developers Association was next to arrive. Slowly as the day went on, the folks who drove in from Wisconsin and Indiana, arrived and we all went out to the Grand Rapids Brewing Company and met yet another unknown schmoozer. On our way back to the hotel suite, we met Gregg Seelhoff waiting for us. We had discussed when the Game Designers Group would arrive on Friday.

Friday was the big schmooze day and the remaining out of town schmoozers had arrived. Abe Merchant and Scott Anderson of Curiosoft had arrived and there was a big Pow wow of game developers at the table. Jay Semerad and Phil Poccia, IDGA representative, Abe Merchant and Scott Anderson, and Gregg Seelhoff talked to the young folks of the Game Designers Group, about the game industry. I had bought two big round sandwiches for lunch for everyone along with condiments. For dinner Friday, a group of 12 of us went to Japanese restaurant with the chef cooking the food in front of us. It was a first experience for many of us. Very cool experience.

Saturday was the traveling day to the local attractions. There are some interesting pictures included in the two following links.

It has been decided that at the next schmooze, those of us who have not had Blue Moon ice cream, MUST have some!! This is a flavor that's, apparently, only in Michigan. Should be another interesting experience.

The whole weekend was good. There will be a Grand Rapids Schmooze next year, so if you can make it to this beautiful part of the midwest, join in the schmooze!!

About the Author: Sheila Manning is ASP Events Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator; she works with her husband, Mark on Grand River Software LLC; and homeschools her two daughters.


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