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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Advertising Techniques for Your Website

Even if you have cooked relishing food, it won't serve any purpose until you present it in a good and attractive style. A good food served in dirty plates would spoil the whole show.Likewise, you also need to invest utmost care to the presentation platter of information, i.e. Website! You should draft the content and layout of your website in such a way that you secure maximum possible chances of turning customers to your website. Law of Nature: A flame always attracts flies! So let's discuss the ways to make a website standout in an ocean of Internet.

Some of the popular methods to popularize your website are listed below:

Using Message Boards.
Never use message boards to just advertise your business. In fact, message boards should be used to help your potential customers about your field of expertise. Don't use them as an aggressive marketing strategy but just use them as a passive means to spread news about your business.

Adding a Search Box.
As you gradually build your website, everything (content) cannot just be on your home page. As your site grows in size, you would have more and more pages of quality information. So you should add a Search Box to your website so that surfers are not confused about locating information, and can land-up directly to the place where the desired content is resting with peace and prosperity!

Using Auto-responders.
As your business would be growing, so would the queries from the customers. Now that you are taking so much labor to market and advertise your website, chances are that you would be receiving many potential customers armed with various kinds of queries. Since customers' satisfaction and attendance is paramount in every business, you can use auto-responders to attend to their queries.

Press Release.
Press Release is something akin to having an advertisement in a local magazine or newspaper on the Internet. There are specific publications, which target your industry; you should find them and send your press release for publication. Such publications usually have a huge database of readers related to your field of fiefdom and you can expect to boost traffic to your site through press releases.

Why Text Links Work?
When most people start out promoting an affiliate program or product, they use banner ads. Banner ads are easy to be placed on your website, and it looks pretty too. However, banner ads usually yield a very low response on your website. Generally speaking, one out of every hundred visitors visiting your site will click on a banner ad and check out the product you are selling. Let's do some math here... If 1 out of every 100-visitors click your banner, and 1 out of 25 people that visit your product site make a purchase, it will take 2,500 visitors to make one sale. Those are not very good odds. Text links, generally, are effective because they check the eye of reader and interest them. Most people have begun to block out and ignore banner ads because they are mushroomed on the Internet. If you have a randomly placed text link on your website, a visitor is twice as likely to click on it. Placing a text link inside an article or content on your website will more possibly make visitors click on it five times as likely. This is the effective way to advertise your product on the Internet. Provide useful information to your visitor and endorse a product that will help them with their problem. Use this method with text links and you will see your sales registering a dramatic increase.

About the Author:
Scott F. Geld is the Director of Marketing for Marketing Blaster, Inc., an Internet firm specializing in providing targeted traffic and leads. For more information, please visit


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